Jaime Avalos Gauna

Jaime Avalos Gauna


Engineering Tools & Analysis Department

MSc. Jaime Avalos Gauna has a diverse background including academic and industry experience. He has worked industry-side for Mexican Institute of Petroleum (IMP) and Procter & Gamble, both in Mexico. Then he pursued a research career in Energy 2050, UK as a full-time project CFD Engineer in topics related to Multiphase Flow, Mass transfer, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Turbulence models & Fluid-Structure Interaction.

Further, he was linked in the Academia for more than 7 years as a part time Lecturer. He has over 13 years of experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation, including at least 10 years of experience in Plant developing test & experimental campaign for different branches of industry like Mechanical, Chemical processes, HVAC systems, etc.

Currently he is working at VERTIV with the target to develop new CFD solutions to understand and improve the performance of the HVAC units developed in the company.

  • Día 1 24 may2022
  • Día 2 25 may2022
  • Día 3 26 may2022
  • Día 4 27 may2022

The role of Computational Fluid Dynamics in HVAC industry

HVAC systems are widely used for comfort cooling and equipment environment control in different sectors like data centers, healthcare, and educational institutions, as well as commercial and industrial businesses.
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