Mauricio Dwek

Mauricio Dwek


Granta Education Team

Mauricio Dwek

B.S. Engenharia de materiales, Univeersidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2008.
M.Sc. Production Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeeiro (Brazil), 2012.
Dr. Industrial Engineering, Ecodesign, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (Francee), 2017

I believe that the engineer's work lies in the interfaces between multiple areas of expertise and I apply this motto to all my actions.

Passionate about the connections in science, technology and society, I've conducted research in engineering education, materials recycling, design and the circular economy. My most recent work focused on how to integrate material selection and the burgeoning circular economy.

I have been fortunate to work in many different contexts, both in Brazil and across Europe. Whether in an international consultancy firm, an ecodesign lab, a music technology startup, an arts and technology NGO or in the Brazilian Amazon, I have always been called upon to analyse business and production issues and provide practical solutions. These experiences have showed me that all technical masterpieces need to involve as many stakeholders as possible in their elaboration process in order to stand the test of time.

I have learned to interact and have had fruitful collaborations with academics, high-ranking executives, agriculturists, fishermen, artists and political figures. This has allowed me to understand the issues that drive social and economic change at different levels (as well as their environmental repercussions) and has made me develop the communication skills required to initiate partnerships among several interest groups.

I am now part of the Granta Education Team at Ansys, where I help drive the adoption of our teaching and research software across many countries and cultures, developing the resources that will hopefully keep training the engineers, designers, architects and scientists that our future needs.

  • Día 1 14 oct2021
  • Día 2 15 oct2021

Bases de datos y herramientas de selección de materiales para proyectos mecánicos

Bases de datos y herramientas de selección de materiales para proyectos mecánicos
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