Iker Gómez Vázquez

Iker Gómez Vázquez

Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP Aero)

Ingeniero en Jefe de Diseño

Ingeniero en Jefe de Diseño para el programa HTF7500. Analista estructural en ITP I+F México.

  • Día 1 24 may2022
  • Día 2 25 may2022
  • Día 3 26 may2022
  • Día 4 27 may2022

Engineering Process Innovation using ANSYS. An ITP Aero experience.

ANSYS is a powerful software for Physics simulation with high customization capability. Scripting techniques application is the starting point to improve the engineering processes that involves FE Simulation. Some examples developed at ITP Aero will show how scripting help engineers for standardization, collaboration and/or making the current process more slim.
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