Felipe Mercado

Felipe Mercado


Application Engineer II

Bachelor's Degree in InnovationDesign Engineering, Universidad Panamericana (1995)
Specialist Degree in  Robotics and Automation, (Universidad Panamericana (2016).

Technology and innovation lover, teaching and learning passionate.

I define myself as a conceptualizer, an innovator who is into creating methods and tools by picking-up fresh knowledge to transform it into new solutions.

When I joined engineering school, I set myself the challenge to leave a positive mark on people, projects and steps on my professional career, and that keeps being the principle that motivates me everyday.

During my pass through the automotive industry, I realized that virtual engineering was a key factor to deliver innovation, quality and fast response to the market needs; since then I've been convinced that enabling engineering teams to iterate, optimize and validate systems design on a risk-free environment by avoiding the delays and costs (and many times inaccuracy) of prototype testing is the way to get to the top.

Giving back and inspire future generation is one of my strongest dogmas; back in 2018 I accepted the invite from my alma mater, Universidad Panamericana, to teach a class on the same program I graduated from, there I understood that knowledge is meant to be shared, but also that we should keep our minds open to learn from others in our day to day.

Always looking for new challenges, everything can be done faster, better, easier, friendlier and cheaper.

  • Día 1 14 oct2021
  • Día 2 15 oct2021

Autonomía y simulación con Ansys VRXperience

Autonomía y simulación con Ansys VRXperience
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